Advisory: Fidelio Opera Ignoring DB Sync Request from ANTlabs Gateways

Publication Date: 17 November 2016


There is a PMS default setting on the Fidelio Opera system which specifies that the PMS will ignore DB sync request less than 60s. With this default setting configured, the Opera PMS will ignore all DB sync requests that it receives from our gateway within 60s of establishing connection. This causes an issue for our gateway, which performs an DB sync request to get all guest records immediately after it establishes a connection with the PMS. As the PMS ignores our sync request and sends no records to our gateway, our gateway will assume that there are no guests in the hotel and removes all guest records. The consequence of this is that no guest can login to access the Internet.

Recommended Action

Temporary Workaround
The only way to resolve this issue is to perform a Manual Sync from our gateway after 60s to resynchronize all the guest records from the PMS back to the gateway.

Long term Solution
The hotel must ask the PMS vendor, Oracle to change the default setting from 60s to 0 so that our gateway can perform guest data synchronization immediately upon connection.

This will resolve the issue highlighted above.